Free Online Tutoring

Free online tutoring is available if you know how to get it. Hiring a private tutor can be expensive, but you can get the services of tutors online absolutely free.

Here are some tips.

  1. Register for an account on a tutoring website with a question and answer hub.

Use the Q&A hub to get answers to your questions from tutors registered with the site. This facility provides an opportunity for members to seek help with homework and exam questions without incurring a cost.

  1. Register for an account on a website with a special offer.

Some online tuition websites give special offers to encourage potential customers to try before they buy. That may involve the first fifteen to thirty minutes and sometimes up to an hour of online tutoring absolutely free of cost. If there is no special offer advertised on the site, consider emailing the website administrator to inquire if there are any deals for new members.

  1. Register with an online tutoring website that has an instant messaging chat facility.

You may find it beneficial to use the instant messaging facility to seek help with queries you may have about a specific subject, homework or exam.

  1. Browse tutors’ profile to see which tutors are offering free tutoring online.

Although this is rare, some tutors offer free online tutoring at no cost. They usually include the statement that their service is free on their profile page, or they may set their cost per hour to £0.

In summary, many online tutoring websites may offer help online free of charge, but they could actually mean you won’t be charged to search for tutors in a particular subject. It is worth spending the time to visit different tutoring websites to find one that provides an opportunity to use some or all of the tips given above.